BIPA-SIJ, What is It?

BIPA (Bahasa Indonesia untuk Penutur Asing), stands for Indonesian Language for Foreign Speakers, is a certificate program for foreign speakers of Indonesian language. BIPA is designed to help foreigners to improve proficiency in Indonesian Language, consisting of speaking, writing, reading and listening skills. In addition to its function as a means of promoting Indonesian language and Indonesian culture, BIPA is also as a means of soft diplomacy.

Currently BIPA program is available in 45 countries. The implementation of BIPA is based on the high enthusiasm of citizens of other countries, especially foreign students, for the Indonesian Language. In regard to the increasing use of the Indonesian language in Saudi Arabia, the Education Attache of the Indonesian Embassy to Saudi Arabia decides to open BIPA program in Riyadh, Jeddah, dan Makkah.

In 2019, Sekolah Indonesia Jeddah (SIJ), the Indonesian School of Jeddah, was mandated to organize BIPA program. It was started by a Training of Trainers of Indonesian Language for Foreign Speakers. This training is an effort to improve the ability of teachers so as to be able to give the high quality teaching services to BIPA students. SIJ opens BIPA course to any citizen who is interested in learning Indonesian language. Many people have joined BIPA with various purposes; for business, education, family, and so on. BIPA courses are diveded into three levels; basic (level 1), intermediete (level 2), and advance (level 3).



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