2013 Curriculum Implementation

On November 22, 2018, the Indonesian School of Jeddah held a Kurtilas (Curriculum 2013) training at Karam Hotel, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This training is conducted three days in a row which is Thursday to Saturday. This training was attended by all Indonesian School of Jeddah Teachers. This activity was held with the aim that teachers understand the training material in the form of concepts and implementation of the 2013 curriculum and training implementation strategies so  that they can deliver training material as stated by the Curriculum speaker, Mr. Bunyamin.

Indonesian School Teacher

   “This exercise is held specifically for teachers so that teachers are able to carry out teaching tasks in the classroom according to the demands and characteristics of the 2013 curriculum,” said Mr. Bunyamin. The Kurtilas training was not only attended by the teachers, but also by the Indonesian School of Jeddah Head Master, Mr. Sugiyono. One of the speakers is from University of Semarang (UNNES), Central Java, Indonesia, Mr. Farid.

“The function of the Kurtilas itself is that students easily focus on a particular theme. It also functions so that students are more active in thinking independently, fast, agile, and active, “said Mr. Farid when interviewed by a member of the English Conversation Club or Club Language from the Indonesian School of Jeddah.
(By Basmah and Ning Fauziyah)


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